Yoga at the Ultimate Goal

All Adult Ages, All Abilities

  • Saturdays 9:00 to 10:00 am

Yoga Class Fees and Packages:

  • $12 Per Class
  • 10-Class Package: $90 (includes spin)

These Vinyasa style yoga classes are designed to create space in both the mind and body. Each class will provide a progression of movements that will improve mobility, increase stability, accelerate muscle recovery, provide injury prevention, and instill daily practices for mental wellness. Modifications and accommodations are made throughout the class so that all participants receive maximum and appropriate benefits from each session. The key intention of yoga at the Ultimate Goal is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy and thrive from the many benefits that consistent yoga practice will bring.


Yoga for Athletes

To schedule yoga for a team, please e-mail Trish Donahue at
An increasing amount of athletic teams, from the modified players all the way through to the professional level, are starting to make yoga a regular part of their training routines. Expediting muscle recovery, increasing range of motion, injury prevention, and mental stability are just a few of the motives for adding yoga to any athletic program. Implementing yoga will better muscle function and efficiency, and gain mental toughness and focus.

Give your team the opportunity grow their game through yoga by booking a session today.

Team Yoga Ultimate Goal
Yoga Kids Ultimate Goal

Yoga for Kids

Yoga can help kids build strength, increase flexibility and balance, decrease stress, and improve focus and self-regulation through poses, breathing techniques, imagination, music, and a period of relaxation. This class is the perfect way for boys and girls to warm up for a practice or unwind and relax after school.
Email Colleen Smith at or call 315-729-1506 for information.

Believe Yoga for Kids

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