Community Support

Ultimate Goal Food Donation Programs
Fighting hunger is one important part of what we do. Providing food for people in need is one of our most important giving priorities.
Each year, we organize food drives. We contribute and encourage our customers and other friends to do so as well. (We often offer field time in exchange for food donations). We support local food pantries and the Food Bank of Central New York.
Ultimate Goal In Your Community
We don’t call ourselves “managers of community sports and recreations programs” just because it sounds catchy. We are committed to being good neighbors, and to us, that means taking part in and giving to our local communities. That’s why we handle all requests for donations and involvement in community events in our Marcellus location. Whether it’s a silent auction to benefit a local elementary school or a health fair sponsored by a community hospital, Ultimate Goal is the place to go.*
If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact the Donations Coordinator at
* Please understand that because we receive so many requests, we are not able to accommodate every organization.

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